Academic Activities

"Our association is located in the Sur region and aims to achieve educational equality by organizing additional academic support and extracurricular activities. Our association conducts academic, psychosocial, and educational studies with the goal of providing children with a suitable study environment, enhancing their academic development, and strengthening their educational skills."

Be Our Academic Education Volunteer

Every child is different, so academic education support should be tailored to the individual characteristics and needs of the child. Children can learn more effectively by using various support methods in line with their needs.

Providing academic educational support to children is an important way to help them discover their individual potential, increase their interest in learning and maximize their achievements. This support optimizes children's learning processes, enabling them to cope with learning challenges and build on their strengths.

Academic support provided by focusing on individual needs supports children to understand their learning styles, increase their self-confidence and develop a positive attitude towards learning processes. As an association, we value the collaboration between parents, teachers and experts to provide a threshold of opportunity in education among children who do not have equal opportunities. Every child is special and equal opportunities play a critical role to increase children's academic success. This support provides a solid foundation for children's future educational and career success, keeping them motivated to continuously learn and develop throughout their lives. By enabling children to realize their full potential, academic education support has the effect of improving the overall quality of education in society.

Purpose-oriented digital trainings in interactive environments with small groups.

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A visual from interactive trainings.