Story and Poetry Corner

ÇocukÇA Derneği Hikaye ve Şiir Köşesi
We often hear the sentence, "Children don't read books anymore." Again, when discussing these topics, we frequently hear sentences like, "It's very challenging to develop a reading habit in children." Parents almost always use sentences like "You can go out after reading a book" or "If you don't read a book, you can't play games" at some point in a child's life.

Yes, it is quite challenging to turn the negative attitudes commonly found in children towards books and reading into positive ones. Even more difficult is presenting the act of reading as an obligation, linking a child's enjoyment of activities to reading enough books, or expecting the behavior of reading to become a habit by using it as a condition or punishment. Therefore, to avoid hindering the development of a positive attitude toward reading in children, we have created the "Story and Poetry Corner" at our organization as one of the methods that we believe can endear literature and books to children. In our corner, where all children can freely reflect their imagination and creativity, children will have the direct and unrestricted experience of creating and writing stories, and the outputs of completed stories will be shared.

On the other hand, we know that children's imaginations are not independent of the stimuli in their environment. Here, we won't only find sweets, toys, and fairy tales. Children will collectively create stories based on environmental stimuli and the problems and solutions they encounter. This way, we believe that by delving deeper into the world of children, we will empower ourselves to take more accurate and effective steps as we move forward.